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Operation Katee Love - Pugs N Pals

Love Katee Sackhoff? Here's a great way to show it. As many people know Katee is an animal lover and has two dogs; Meatball, a chihuahua/Pug mix rescue and Nelly B, a pug. In honor of Katee we have decided to do a donation drive for Pugs 'N Pals of Southern California. This is a wonderful Pug rescue group based in southern California.

I will be collecting donations from through December 19th and sending them a nice lump payment. Just click the link below to donate to the fund via paypal. Please note that I will be COVERING ALL PAYPAL FEES so however much you donate will go straight to the fund.

If you prefer to make a donation on your own or via mail, here is the info:

Pugs 'N Pals of Southern California
Pugs 'N Pals
P.O. Box 9343
Newport Beach, CA 92658

The best part is Katee WILL know about this so show your support for her and help out some deserving puppy dogs!
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