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I Love Me Some Sackhoff

Hey, there!

I'm gonna make this short and sweet. If you're a Katee fan, you've most likely been exposed to the Rumour That Shall Not Be Named. I don't want to go into it more than that because it doesn't deserve any more discussion than it's already received. I feel like an idiot for even entertaining the notion that it could be true in the first place.

Bottom line is, Katee deserves some fan-lovin' right about now, so let's make sure she gets it! I propose we create a list of all the ways and reasons we love her, and here's the cool part - she will see it. Yes, you read that right. A huge thank you to Kate (ebneter) for giving us the opportunity to do this.

If you want, feel free to personalize your reasons.

I'll set the pace, and you guys add to your heart's content! I kinda think we're gonna run outta room, though...

Reasons We Love Katee Sackhoff:

01) Her juggling technique.
02) She used the word "clusterfrak".
03) She's a girly-girl and a tough motherfrakker all at the same time.
04) The way her nose scrunches up when she smiles.
05) I was forced to embrace my geekdom this past summer and go to a Sci-Fi convention just to meet her.
06) The way she makes every fan she meets feel special.
07) Not only can the girl act her ass off, she can actually sing, too!
08) She's a Harley-ridin' badass (or she's learning to be one!).
09) When she laughs, she laughs.
10) I'd totally switch teams for her.

OK, your turn. Keep the list going!

If you forgot something and want to add it, instead of editing your original post, add it in a new comment to the bottom of the list to make numbering easier. Thanks!

Finally, make sure you PIMP this post to all your Katee-lovin' friends!
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